Protecting Your Home From Squirrels This Winter

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Protecting Your Home From Squirrels This Winter

Squirrels are our friendly neighbors until the winter season hits. During this time of the year, the little fur neighbors try to invade a human’s dwelling and hitch for free food and warm space which can sometimes be both annoying and dangerous for homeowners.

But what do squirrels do in the winter? Why are our homes their preferred shelter during the coldest time of the year? Are there measures we can put up to make sure we keep the squirrels as neighbors and not as tenants?

Squirrels get fat. Yes, you read that right – fat. They increase their layers of fat to make sure they stay warm during the most freezing time of the year. But, for them to get fat by winter, they need to hoard food during the fall, acquire loads of nuts and build their nest. Sometimes, the food that they have is more than what they need to sustain them throughout the season. That is why; the seeds sometimes grow into shrubs or vegetation. A good boost for Mother Earth actually.

Aside from getting fat, squirrels also have a funny way of staying warm— they shiver. The shivering serves as their mini activity in their homes that helps them generate warmth. It is important for squirrels to be extra warm because like other mammals, squirrels keep their body temperature. They do not go into hibernation.

So if they are busy eating away the days and hoarding stocks before the first snow falls, how can they have the time to look into our houses and build their little corner in our place? Here’s how:

First, our homes provide the most secure dwelling for them. With a good heating facility, squirrels can get away with shivering to survive the winter. Living in your homes also means they have access to more food than they will ever need. A pantry full of nuts, grains, sugar, and other edible items is the best place to be. Lastly, during the winter, other animals, predators to be exact, are also in the lookout for food. Unfortunately, squirrels do not stay too high up in the food chain. Staying in your attic is the safest place for them during the hunting season. So, a little effort to explore your front yard and the backyard is a small sacrifice these little critters can make to ensure they can survive the winter.

If they only need a warm place to be and a source of food, why do humans consider them as pests? Well, unfortunately, getting their food also includes tapping into your electrical wiring, your clothes, your pillows, your sleepers, and many more. If these cute fluffy mammals bite into an important electric wire, it can cause the electricity flow in the house to trip or worse cause a fire. They also pose health threats to humans as they also carry fleas, parasites, and even diseases.

To ensure the safety of your homes and the health of your families, be sure to cover up possible holes that can serve as entry and exit points for squirrels. But just in case the squirrels have already made a home in your place, you might have to set up bait to lure them out. Once you capture them, you have to give them a bit of a drive, roughly five miles away from your home. Otherwise, both of you can just walk back home together.

Unfortunately, getting them out of the house is just getting rid of half of the problem. If the squirrels have successfully settled in your attic, then you also have to clean their droppings, disinfect areas where they may have defecated or urinated. There are diseases that kids can pick up by simply being exposed to it.

The steps we mentioned above may seem easy and quick to fix. However, getting rid of a squirrel is tougher than most people think it is. That is why it is important to contact professionals for this kind of infestation.

Pest control companies in Rocklin have enough experience when dealing with squirrels. However, it all boils down to who delivers best.

We, at Rocklin Pest Control, make sure that we use methods that are safe for your kids and pets. We make sure to employ technologies that will make it easier for both homeowners and us exterminators to do the job. We also do proofing to make sure that squirrels will not be making a home in your attic again.

Our team of reliable, skilled exterminators will make sure that your family can sleep healthy, safe, and soundly this winter; far from all the squirrel worries of the season, especially with our limited time Winter Special Promo you can easily take advantage of!

Should you need to have your property checked, give us a call! If you are not sure if you have an infestation, do not hesitate to call us. It is better to check and find nothing, then delay the inspection and find out later that your electric wires have already been chewed, there are dropping everywhere, or your child has already picked up diseases.

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