“I Hear Noises in My Attic, Can You Help?”

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“I Hear Noises in My Attic, Can You Help?”

I cannot even begin to explain how many times I have been ask that question. It can literally drive a person mad attempting to figure out what is making that noise. That “noise” that keeps a person awake at night wondering what is being chewed and scratched on inside your attic. The rock song “Toys in the Attic” was written by Joe Perry and Steven Tyler from the rock band “Aerosmith”. It was written regarding an old expression about, “Having more going on in one’s mind than normal.” No, that “noise” that is being heard is not Joe Perry, Steven Tyler, any member the rock band Aerosmith or Toys in the Attic. There are several different pests that can gain access into the attic and wall voids of your home. Each pests takes a different technique to control the infestation. That is why having thorough Inspection performed by a Licensed Inspector is so important. Rats, Bats and Squirrels are the top three infestations identified when a client calls our office to report noises in their attic or walls. No matter what pest is identified Rocklin Pest Control and our Team of experts can help. 

Signs of Rodent Infestation

Rats, specifically Roof Rats are the number one pest identified by our Licensed Inspectors when we perform a Rodent Inspection. That “noise” that is being heard is most often the roof rats chewing on electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, framing, siding, drywall and redistributing the insulation creating burrows and nesting material to build their nest. All the while when they are traveling through your home their droppings and urine are compromising everything along the way. 

This is an excellent visual example of the prolific growth rate of Rats & Mice from our friends at Bell Laboratories, Inc…

One female roof rat has the potential to produce 48 offspring in one year. The offspring begin to breed when they are between 8-12 weeks old increasing the numbers. The rat math multiplication is almost unbelievable. 

After the inspection has been performed and a positive identification has been made it is time to perform the Construction Exclusion and close the rodent access points into the structure. It is incredibly important that this step as all of them be performed correctly. If the access points are not closed correctly the rats will continue to gain access into the structure. Afterwards, Traps must be set on the interior to capture the rats that remain inside. After completing the trapping, it time to clean up the accessible rodent droppings, remove and replace the compromised building materials and then disinfect the applicable areas. Additionally, tamper resistant exterior bait stations must be set to monitor and reduce the exterior populations of rodents around the formally infested structure. Remember, one female roof rat can produce 48 offspring in one year.  

Rodent Exterminators | Roseville Pest Control

There are 7 steps to proper Rodent Control:

  • Inspect
  • Identify
  • Exclude
  • Capture
  • Clean up  
  • Disinfect 
  • & Maintain

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