Serving Your Commercial Pest Control Needs

You have worked hard building your company’s reputation. You understand that “Name Recognition” and “Branding” are highly important to your business’s success. As a business professional focused on managing your company the last thing you need is an unnecessary distraction from a pest infestation. We are the professionals that protect the public health and safety by managing your environment. At Rocklin Pest Control we can design a custom pest management program to protect your business from pests.

First we will schedule an appointment to meet with you on site to discuss your property’s individual needs. Afterwards we will design a custom pest control management program to improve your environment. The the following is an example but is not limited to the line items mentioned of a scope of services we can offer within your commercial service program.

To provide a quality professional pest management control service at a reasonable cost. It is our goal to solve all your pest management needs in a professional and effective manner. It is always our mission to provide you with a pest free environment with minimal interruptions.

Scope of Proposed Services as Applicable:

  1. We will check in prior to and at the end of each service.
  2. We will provide and continue to maintain a Professional Pest Management Log Book to be kept at the reception desk at your location for your records.
  3. A visual inspection and evaluation will be performed at the time of each service for control of the applicable listed pest.
  4. Exterior and Interior stations will be placed at key locations stops monitor track and control the listed pest.
  5. A residual barrier treatment will be performed at the time of each regular service for the control of the applicable listed pest.
  6. We well remove up to approximately 90% exterior spider webs along the foundation and
    approximately 12 foot up the from the foundation for control of the applicable listed pest at the
    time of each regular service. Web removal percentages will be determined by Rocklin Pest
    Control Services, Inc…
  7. The proposed services are for the control of: ants, earwigs, fleas, pantry pest, roaches,
    silverfish, spiders, wasp, rats and mice. If the listed pests reoccur on the interior of the structure,
    an RPC technician will treat the interior and or exterior by appointment as applicable during
    normal business hours. Are normal business hours are 8am-5pm M-F. After hour charges apply
    as applicable. (Some restrictions may apply)

Specialized Technicians – State Licensed Field Representatives and Applicators.
Proactive integrated service for the convenience of your staff and clients.
Immediate phone contact with your technicians.

Over 13 years of Professional Pest Control experience.