Comprehensive Inspections and Solutions for Termite and Dry Rot

No one knows more than you that buying your home, income property, or commercial property was a significant investment, and it is essential to recognize anything that could become a threat to that investment. Of course, after the initial investment keeping up with all the routine maintenance to maintain the property is of utmost importance. Of all the pests that could infest your home, Termites and Dry Rot pose the most threats to your investment. Termite repair costs are in the Billions while the cost of Dry Rot Damage surpasses the cost of all natural disasters combined. So, when either of these pests attack your home, it is important to identify them correctly and provide the proper treatment.

We Offer Wood Destroying Organism Reports and Repair Services!


Finding termites in or around your home or business can be scary and overwhelming. Rocklin Pest Control can help you solve this problem and guide you through the steps to remove the termites and damage to your home or business.

Our certified Inspector will do a thorough report for the inside and out of your home or business, and give an extensive report of all findings.

Our Reports can be used for:

• Buying/selling a home or business
• Refinancing
• VA Loans
• Peace of mind

Not only will we give you a report of our findings, we can also treat and repair anything the we may happen to find.

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