It is always our goal to improve your environment. That is why we offer Eco Friendly, Green/Organic services with many of our service programs. Please be sure to ask the Rocklin Pest Control Representative about these options when you contact us if you are interested.


Every species on earth protects its nest. Is yours under attack or have an urgent need? Call us and request same day service. As long as you call prior to 3PM, we will do our level best to swoop in and save the day. Our approach is to inspect, identify, provide recommendations and treat for the applicable target pest.


If the pests come back, then so do we. We are a team of professionals with over 14 years of experience in our local area. Our mission is to bring peace of mind to your household or business by ensuring a pest free environment, we have a “NO ADDITIONAL COST” Warranty available on all of our reoccurring maintenance services.

We are your locally owned and operated problem solvers.

We live and raise our family in the same community as you. We frequent the same restaurants, parks and businesses as you do. We want the water and air to remain clean. Just like you we do not want insects and rodents invading our home. We are a local family owned and operated business. For 13 years, Rocklin Pest Control Services, Inc. has been implementing pest control management programs for properties such as yours across Placer County, Sacramento County and the surrounding areas. Rocklin Pest Control Services, Inc. is comprised of specially trained technicians who hold a variety of licenses, making us a full-service structural pest control service company, able to address any structural pest issues you may face. Our company prides itself on building and maintaining quality long-term relationships that benefit all who are involved.

Aarrgh! Moths in the pantry, bats in the belfry, bugs in the bed! Just the thought of it will make you itch and lose sleep. At Rocklin Pest Control Services we provide Peace of Mind. Just think: With one call...

Pests can degrade morale, reduce productivity, destroy products, and diminish consumer experience. Our trained professionals will protect your brand and safeguard your workspace from destructive and annoying pests...

Termites cause more damage in the USA than all natural disasters combined. And Dry Rot causes more damage than termites. Don’t let these pests sneak up on you and destroy your investment and steal your future...


Let us know how we can help!


We have dedicated our BLOG as a Resource Library for posting helpful information about local pests in our area, what to watch for, the dangers they bring, and how we recommend managing them.

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