Study: Mice, Rats More Prevalent in Households Since Pandemic Broke Out

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Study: Mice, Rats More Prevalent in Households Since Pandemic Broke Out

People are changing their behaviors as they try to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic. Many people have started working from home to keep their jobs, and some businesses have ventured into the digital market to survive. Rats and mice seem to be adjusting as well, as there have been increasing reports of their presence in households since the pandemic started.

Rodents are used to living off leftovers and trash put out by restaurants and other food establishments after business hours. Because of the pandemic, most of these restaurants had to shut down, some temporarily and some for good. The resulting food shortage forced rats and mice to come out of hiding and find new sources of food.

Households as the Next Best Choice

Renowned urban rodentologist Robert Corrigan doesn’t find it surprising that more rodents are now being spotted in households. “When you have a colony of rats on a block that has been depending on tourists littering and lots of trash put out at night, and that disappears, then they don’t know what to do,” Corrigan explains. With food businesses no longer around to produce edible waste for the rodents, it only made sense for the pests to move to the next best choice: households.

Due to the quarantine measures, people were forced to stay at home, resuming work and schooling through remote options instead. The extended home stopover meant households also produced more garbage they did before, and since garbage collection services are also affected by the lockdown, the piles of waste are left behind for days or weeks. It’s basically an invitation for an all-you-can-eat buffet, and rodents are more than happy to oblige.

Why You Should Be Wary of Rats

In case you didn’t know yet, there are multiple reasons why you shouldn’t have rats and mice in your homes. These pests have been associated with several pathogens and are certified carriers of bacteria and certain diseases. Examples of health concerns that rats can bring are salmonella, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and bubonic plague, among others.

Aside from being a threat to health, rats are also known for causing significant damages around the house. They gnaw through electrical wirings, affecting power supply and also adding to the possibility of house fires. If the weather is too cold, rats tend to squeeze into the car to warm themselves up in the engine or inside the leather seats.

Rodents are also notorious for lodging themselves in hard to reach places such as inside your house’s walls or ductwork. Once a rat colony has settled in the inner parts of your house, not only will there be a strong foul odor emanating from their nests, it also significantly increases the chances of damages and health risks mentioned earlier.

Keeping Rats Away from Your House

Instead of dealing with rats once they’re inside your house, it’s much better to keep them away by preventing their entry. Rat-proofing your home can be as simple as sealing off small holes and cracks along the walls so that they won’t have any openings to use. You should also check out pipes and wiring openings to see if they need sealing effects as well.

Rodents are looking for food options, so removing your house off their menu is another good way to keep them away. Store food in containers that can’t be easily opened or gnawed through, and try to keep food items with a strong scent in secure storage spaces like the refrigerator. Keep your house clean from clutter and ensure that your garbage bins aren’t easily accessible to these pests.

If you do find yourself in a situation wherein rats are already inside your house, it might be best to call a professional. Rocklin Pest Control will surely be able to help you get rid of these unwanted pests while also checking your house for preventive measures you can take so that the rats can’t come back. Aside from being one of California’s top professional extermination services, Rocklin Pest Control also provides the most competitive rates to ensure that you get quality service at an affordable price.

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