Bed Bug Control for Your Home

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Bed Bug Control for Your Home

Everybody is looking forward to a nice, comfy and soft bed at home after a stressful day at work or a full day of errands in town. But that is not always the case if you have to deal with bed bugs every night. Bed bugs are most annoying when you wanna doze off a tired body to get your energy for the next morning. They will haunt your good night sleep with sting bites and itchy skin all evening, making you lose the much needed sleep you deserve. So how do we control bed bugs from pestering our most favorite spot at home? There more ways than one, so let us share with you some of the most effective ones we’ve put together to make sure you get to sleep peacefully at night.


This method is effective only for items that can fit your washer. So if your bed bug. Infestation has to reached your bed yet and is mainly staying on your sheets, laundering the bed sheet can do the trick. Laundering will be able to wash off the live critters as well as their eggs ready for hatching. If you will try this technique better use a strong detergent to make sure that the bed bugs will be killed by the chemicals.

  1.    VACUUM

This technique is best if you have a really good vacuum machine at home that can suck these little pests away. However, the tricky part about this method is getting rid of them inside your vacuum can. Be sure to dispose them completely and carefully, otherwise your entire home will be at risk of bed bugs. After using your vacuum to capture bed bugs, be sure to sanitize it before using in other areas of your home because bed bugs can survive harsh environments of a certain degree.


This technique is available only to commercial pest control companies that have been trained to conduct this activity. Dry treatment is a combination of chemical and machine use which is why it requires an expert to conduct this properly. We at Rocklin Pest Control also provides this service and more. A lot of dry heating methods can damage the bed if not done properly. That is why we have invested in proper training and equipment handling to make sure we take care of our client's property while doing what we do best.


Some believe that this method is possible with DIYs. However, experts would argue against it. Insecticides when not use properly can cause harm not only to the bed but also to the person conducting the cleaning. It can also hurt your pets and kids inside the house. It might also be worth note taking that agricultural pest control should not be used to treat bed bugs, no matter the infestation you are trying to handle.

Rocklin Pest Control specializes in the use of pesticides to rid your beds with bed bugs and guarantee a restful night. We also use chemicals that are pet friendly and will not pose threat to the health of your kids. Some chemicals in the market can trigger allergic reactions to kids that will cause them to scratch their skin because of the itch that the irritation has brought in.

  1.    FREEZING

This method is good for small object like throw pillows or small blankets. However, be sure to read the care instruction of the material you are trying to freeze. If freezing is what you wish to do, and done wrong, chances are you will get rid of the bed bugs but you might also have to let go of the blanket you froze because it is ruined. You also have to check if your freezer is clean enough for this activity. If you will be mixing them with meat, maybe it is best to divert your attention to other methods of removing bed bugs.

There you have it, our top five ways to remove bed bugs in your homes.

Various commercial pest control companies promises complete annihilation of bed bugs, however, you must always ask about the methods and the chemicals that they will use for your bed.  Upon inquiry, you have to ask or check with your family doctor if these chemicals have health repercussions that you should watch out for. Aside from these bed bug infestation, be sure to check for other of the Most Common Pest Problems experienced by most of us so we can treat them all in one go.

If they are using a harmful chemical, maybe it is best to contact another contractor. We, at Rocklin Pest Control, is committed to using only the safest chemicals and methods that will not only protect your bed but also the health of your family.

If you think your beds have been badly infested, do not hesitate to call us or shoot us an email. Our team of reliable staff will be more than willing to answer your inquiries about our ways and means to remove bed bugs from your homes.

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