Why Do Ants Come Inside Your Home During Winter?

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Why Do Ants Come Inside Your Home During Winter?

Everybody wants to be warm during the coldest time of the year, even ants. We often find these insects in our backyards but they often move inside your home with you during the winter and this could cause problems for most of us. So what are the possible reasons that ants like to go inside your home during the winter?


Even ants have a checklist of what their ideal habitat is. If it is moist enough, with an undisturbed environment, then that’s one item checked off the list. Ants need a dark, moist environment to nest in. Once they find this sweet spot, the queen ant will be ready to move in and start producing for a colony. The tiny cracks from the outside of your houses are big enough entry and exit point for ants to start building their nest inside your house. Some ants stay only for the winter but others make your homes a permanent residence.

To be sure which variety of ant has invaded your homes, call the experts or professionals to look into it. Different ant species mean a different kind of treatment is needed that is why it is important to identify what ant has made a home in your abode.


If you don’t clean your pantry or kitchen enough to keep the ants from smelling the droplets, crumbs, and leftovers at home, you run the risk for ants coming into your home. Ants have a great sense of smell, since they are practically blind. If they sense that there is a good source of food nearby, then that is another item checked off their perfect-home list. Some of you may ask though, why are they mostly found in my bedroom?

Well, you might have taken some food inside your room and crumbs fell on the floor while you were eating. This scenario is enough invitation to get the ants excited about your room. Did we mention that they can chew on your cotton clothes too? If your clothes smell too sweet, then it’s game over because ants will surely make their way to your favorite dresses and pants.


Almost all types of pests love clutters. Why? Because it provides a good nesting environment. A pile of books that hasn’t been touched for years and will likely stay that way for a few more, makes it an easy target for ants. Plus, books are still pant-based which makes it a good source of food. That’s not all. If you are too lazy to do your laundry during the winter, the smell of food from your clothes or the smell of sweat on your shirts are also attractive to ants so be sure to clear away your dirty clothes and do not let them pile on the floor of your basement, otherwise you will have an ant hill by the time winter is over.


Various ant species sleep through the winter by eating loads of food to produce a good amount of fat in their body. So, by the time that winter hits, they can go into a deep slumber.  A comfortable place to hibernate should be warm and dry for the rest of the season.

Both conditions are met by staying inside the walls or near the windows of your house. Once they feel like the temperature is getting warmer, that’s the time they wake up and explore for food because all that sleeping has made them hungry.

These are only few of the most common reasons why you have ants at home during the winter. Which means that not only your bedroom is a candidate for ants nesting but also your kitchen, your basement, and even your garage. It may seem easy to get rid of ants, but most people are wrong.

An ant infestation means they could have gone as deep as the hallows of you walls, beneath your wooden floorings, or maybe behind the huge cabinet by the kitchen. Disturbing them without proper precaution can be dangerous for homeowners, especially if these are ants that bite or sting. When their habitats are disturbed, they disperse without a particular direction, which means, they can spread anywhere in your house instead of just the kitchen or the room.

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