How to Get Rid of Ants Inside Your House

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How to Get Rid of Ants Inside Your House

Shooing away ants can be a tricky business for most homeowners because ants can quickly get inside the house due to their size. Small cracks and wide openings like doors and windows are no exception for ants to get into the house.

While ants are essential to the ecosystem and mother nature, their presence can sometimes pester humans, especially when they make people uncomfortable.

Ants are often found in the kitchen, the back of the bookshelf, near the dining table or behind walls— basically, anywhere there is available food and undisturbed space.

With more than hundreds of ant species, their diet also varies depending on their families. Some ants feed on clothes, some on paper, and some eat human food.

So we have rounded up a few tips on how you can keep ants away from your home.


Ants can smell food hundreds of miles away; they have a powerful sense of smell. Workers of the colony will not think twice to troop to your place is they smell food coming from your direction. That said, always put away leftover food or whole meals in the fridge. Avoid leaving containers open on countertops because ants can climb pretty much anything. Even cupboards are not safe from ants, so when you seal food away, be sure they are appropriately stored , and the containers are clean.


When crumbs fall on the floor, the scent is carried through the air and reaches the nearest ants nest. It does not necessarily have to be sweet because anything organic can be turned into food for ants. So, make it a habit to regularly sweep floors after having a meal at the dining area or doing a run with the vacuum every so often at the receiving area where you serve guests some snack and drinks. Even droplets of juice or wine can be a reason for ants to invade your space.


Chalks are made from calcium carbonate that naturally repels ants. This chemical is composed of ground shells or marine animals which emits a scent that is not ants don’t like. A lot of people grind the chalk into powder form and scatter it near the house foundation or in places where ants get in and out of the house.

But while these tips are handy, sometimes these DIY approaches do not do the trick because of the magnitude of the problem. When this happens, be sure to call the professionals to help you get rid of the unwanted ants in your property.

There are various ways to remove pests from your homes, and Rocklin Pest Control uses techniques and methods that are pet-friendly and children-proofed. With the experts in the company, we combine years of experience with the most advanced techniques to ensure the safety of your homes the quickest possible time.

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You can also call us to schedule a visit to your place so we can help you assess the amount of work that needs to be done. We also entertain inquiries via email, s do not hesitate to reach out to us for your pest control needs.

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