Drywood Termites Have Arrived in Placer County

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Drywood Termites Have Arrived in Placer County

There’s a new Termite in town.

Yes, you heard that right. Our pest control expert, Donald D. Jones narrates how this newest pest in town can damage our homes. Jones said that, unlike our native subterranean termites, Drywood Termites live directly in the wood and do not need any supplemental moisture from the soil.

It was back in 1978, when he first began inspecting for termites in the Greater Sacramento area. During this time, active Drywood Termite colonies were quite rare. Sometimes there would be an abandoned colony that flew in during the fall swarm season but were unable to survive the hot dry summers. You may have noticed that the summer days are not as dry as they used to be. In fact, some days feel downright muggy. Well, the Drywood Termites have noticed that, too. It is not uncommon to find large, well-established colonies, even multiple colonies in the homes of south Placer County.

Scary, right? The bad news is that Drywood Termites are hard to find, even for a trained inspector. Sometimes they are not found until there are multiple colonies and structural damage, requiring expensive fumigations and repairs.

However, you don’t have to fret in there and worry too much. With the bad news, we’re bringing in some good news for you too. The good news is that Drywood Termites damage wood slower than subterranean termites, and if found in time, can be completely eradicated by relatively inexpensive local treatments. Structural repairs may not even be needed. Here at Rocklin Pest Control, we are already one step ahead. With our extensive research on Drywood Termites, our solutions are rampant for every household that needs us.

As a part of your household prevention, always remember these things that you can look for in and around your home:

  1. Drywood Termites push fecal pellets out of their colony. These pellets tend to accumulate in piles.
  2. If you see these pellets, call a pest control professional immediately.
  3. Even if you don’t see the pellets, we would advise a thorough inspection by a qualified, licensed inspector every three to five years to make sure your house’s foundation is strengthened and maintained.

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There you have it, the termite situation we are currently in. If you need more information about eradicating household pests, just give us a call and we’ll be there to assist you.