Dangers of DIY Pest Control

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Dangers of DIY Pest Control

Homeowners are often tempted to make their own pest control paraphernalia. Sometimes they are encouraged by the number of available chemicals available on the grocery shelf without realizing the risks of doing it on their own. Are you one of them? Here in Rocklin Pest Control, we do not just kill the critters but we want to ensure our clients are safe and sound too. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the dangers of DIY pest control and a glimpse of just how dangerous it is for untrained individuals to handle chemicals meant to eliminate the bugs inside your homes:

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Just the tip of the iceberg.

You saw some termites lining up on your wall and thought it’s just a few meters high up. Then, you decided to grab some chemicals off the shelf and started pouring it. Next thing you know, your wall is slowly melting and the termites are now all over the place instead of just one part of your house. You might have seen the tip of the iceberg but the problem is much deeper inside your walls. You have underestimated the depths or the reach of the problem and now you have more problems than just one side of the room. This is why it is important to consult pest control contractors. They are trained to survey and diagnose just how much damage a few feet high of a termite trail can have inside your homes. We ate Rocklin Pest Control will take your inquiries seriously even if you think that the infestation is too shallow to call for professional help.

Shortcuts do not always do the job.

There are ants all over your kitchen and you decided to drop some pepper on your doorsteps to keep the ants from coming in your house. Little did you know that there is a small crack on your kitchen wall just behind your sink; and the lucky ants just found their way to your cupboards. You did not just stop the problem but you also made it worse. Did you know that ants love to nest in moist areas and under your sink might just be the best place to start a new colony? Well, now, you do. Ants should be uprooted from the anthill to avoid them from burrowing to another area in your backyard. Uprooting an entire colony means getting the queen out of the nest. Unfortunately, these activities are best left to experts especially if you are dealing with fire ants. Multiple stings from fire ants can actually cause an allergic reaction to the human body which can be fatal depending on the person’s response to the allergy. Next time you see ants wandering through your house, investigate first where it leads and make a call to your most reliable pest control contractor.

Specific pesticides for particular bugs.

Since there are various products on the grocery shelf, this doesn’t mean they can get rid of all your bug and pest troubles at home. There are products specifically meant to remove a particular bug. Imagine buying poison for cockroaches when you really want to kill rats. While there is a poison component to the pesticide, chances are its potency can be neutralized by the rat’s body. This means, your purchase is both a waste of time and money. Besides, do you have the courage to pull out a rotting dead rat inside your basement? If you leave these pests dead for more than a few hours and they start decomposing inside your home then you just have one more problem aside from your rat infestation— the stench, the maggots, and other insects who thrive on dead animals. When you try to eradicate pests as huge as rats, be sure to get professional help. They have methodologies that will kill and take out the dead piles without a sweat.

Incorrect usage of products.

Given that you were able to get the correct pesticide for the pest that you want to throw out of your house; using it correctly is another story. You got a chemical spray for wasp infestation and with confidence, you walked to the nest and sprayed the colony with the chemical. Then wasps started flying out of the colony and started attacking you. Without proper protection, wasp stings can be fatal. This is why you have to tap the experts to get rid of these dangerous insects, while there are available products out on the shelves, there are some activities that are better left in the care of the trained individuals. Our team in Rocklin Pest Control have been specifically trained to keep homes, offices, and other facilities pest-free. The training we received are specific to the needs of the pests that we need to take down.

Environmental impact.

The chemicals you bought in the grocery have harmful ingredients that can harm yourself, your family, and your pests; at worst, can contaminate your water tanks and soil. These products on the shelf do not tell you the hazards you are facing when you use them. If you are a fur parent, you should know that dogs or cats have very sensitive sense of smell. They can be irritated by the smallest, faintest smell of dangerous chemicals. Another threat is contamination. If you use a chemical without proper supervision you might risk your water tanks safety and the cleanliness of your soil.  If you have kids who like to play outside, the poison you used on the insects can be easily picked up by your children; at worst, ingest them. To make sure you are safe from these incidents, call your reliable pest contractor and request an environment-friendly, pest-friendly treatment for your problems. Here at Rocklin Pest Control, we can do such treatments as we have techniques that are safe for your kids and fur babies.

So next time you think of doing things by yourself, you might want to consider if it will put your family in danger, if it will have a long-term impact, and if it will eliminate the problem permanently. But to make things easier, call us at (916) 884-6114

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