The Dangers of DIY Pest Control

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The Dangers of DIY Pest Control

While natural methods and store-bought products can resolve some pest problems, sometimes, do-it-yourself treatment is not ideal or even discouraged due to the risk of toxicity and allergic reaction that is commonly manifested by rashes, blisters, and stinging/burning sensation. 

Rocklin Pest Control, one of the leading pest control companies in Sacramento, has shared some risks involved with DIY treatments. 

Accidental Ingestion and Exposure 

Every year, thousands of children are sent to the ER after accidental ingestion and inhalation of store-bought pesticides with high concentrations of toxic chemicals. Oftentimes, accidents happen due to incorrect storage of these products. 

A good rule of thumb is to store toxic chemicals in a locked cabinet away from children and never put them in containers that could be mistaken for food or drink. 

Incorrect Usage 

Studies show that most consumers don’t even look at labels, let alone read them. The lack of concern is especially dangerous when handling store-bought pesticides that contain high levels of toxic chemicals, which in most cases should not be mixed with other products. 

Mixing pesticides that don’t go together may result in risk of chemical toxicity, or the solution may become less effective in controlling pests. 

The Product Is Harmful to Non-Target Organisms

Some store-bought pest control products pose harm to young children, small animals, and other non-target insects. However, you can prevent this “collateral damage” by using the least amount of pesticide or hiring pest control professionals who can use safer chemicals that act faster and break down quickly after application. 

If the best solutions to your problem are surface sprays and termite treatments that linger for days after application, pest control experts can teach you about safety precautions to prevent accidents. 

Population Boom 

Sometimes, DIY and store-bought pesticides cause a population boom of the target pests. For example, if your pest control treatment also kills the natural enemy of bed bugs such as lizards, the “survivors” will experience a population boom within a few weeks or months, making it more difficult and expensive to treat the infestation. 

Damage to the Property 

Incorrect application and excessive use of store-bought pesticides can damage walls, wires, cables, and furniture. Some DIY that involves fire can also result in damage to property.

When to Call Professional Pest Control Expert 

Bed bugs

Bed bug infestation is difficult, if not impossible, to treat with DIY products because even a few “survivors” can lead to another population boom within weeks of treatment. 


Just like bed bugs, termites are highly resilient pests that can cause damage to your property. You must call pest control experts at the first sign of mud colonies to eliminate the problem fast and prevent them from coming back. 

Any Type of Infestation 

Telltale signs of full-on manifestation include property damage, grimes and other buildups on walls, pest droppings, damaged plants, and evidence of nesting. 

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