Pest Control in Placer County, CA: How to Choose Your Exterminator

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Pest Control in Placer County, CA: How to Choose Your Exterminator

Having a spotless, squeaky clean house does not guarantee a pest-free environment; this is particularly true if you live in a region experiencing a resurgence in termites or in a city where rodents and roaches thrive.

In general, cities with a high population density are the favorite regions of rodents that need to hide underground, including sewage systems and subways. In contrast, cosmopolitan areas with hot-humid climates are the preferred breeding grounds for roaches and termites. 

How to Choose Your Pest Exterminator 

With dozens of Placer County pest control companies all touting themselves to be the best terminator, you have to do some background check before signing up for a pest control service provider. 

Look for License

Choose a pest control service provider who has met the proper licensing requirements, ensuring that the staff has been properly trained to use insecticides and other chemicals without causing accidents and health hazards to people, pets, and non-target animals. 

Offer Preventive Measures 

The best exterminators in Placer County, CA are not just concerned about eliminating the pests but also on how to prevent “population boom” and re-infestation, which is a common problem with termites, bed bugs, and other “resilient” pests. 

Measures that prevent re-infestation include wood treatments (for termites) and baiting systems (for rodents and roaches). 

Ask Their Previous Clients 

If a pest control service provider has a roster of happy clients, it is an indication that they are serious with their job. Thus, you may want to ask their previous customers about their service or solicit recommendations from your friends and family. 

Reading ratings and testimonials from reputable review websites like Yelp is another great way to conduct a background check. 

Evaluate Their Level of Commitment 

Choose a provider whose goal is to provide high-quality service rather than just earn huge sums of money. Remember, a reputable exterminator will go above and beyond to make sure that he resolves your pest problem because he believes that his reputation is what separates him from his competitors. 

Look at their Niche Skills and Expertise 

For instance, if you have a termite infestation, your best bet is to choose a provider who has already handled dozens or even hundreds of cases. Remember, all pest exterminators have varying levels of expertise in a certain type of pest, which of course, requires a different set of solutions like chemicals, surface applications, and baits. 

They Offer a Wealth of Advice 

Reputable pest exterminators can also inspect your home to point out the access points for pests and give you advice on how to reduce your risk. 

Professional pest control inspection is ideally conducted annually, although if you live in areas with pest resurgence and population boom, you may want to consider your property inspected at least every six months. 

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