Easy Preventive Pest Control Hacks you Need to Know

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Easy Preventive Pest Control Hacks you Need to Know

As with most problems in life, it’s way easier to prevent pests (from entering your home) than treat them once they get a foothold in your property; this is particularly true when they turn into a large infestation that requires multiple treatments just to get rid of them for good.

One of the leading Sacramento pest control companies, Rocklin Pest Control, shares its easy hacks to prevent insects and other critters from seeking shelter in your home.

Bathroom and Shower Area

Common bathroom pests like drain flies, silverfish, roaches, spiders, and house centipedes thrive in moist and warm environments. Fortunately, you don’t need to share your shower area with these little critters if you follow these simple steps:

  • Keep your bathroom clean and dry, especially the shower curtain.
  • Fix leaky faucets and pipes immediately.
  • Make sure the drains are not clogged with hair, soap, and other gunk.
  • Deep-clean your bathroom, especially the sink, at least once a week.
  • Seal cracks around doors and windows.
  • Air out your bathroom often (this is where the window screen comes in handy).
  • Dehumidify your house or improve its ventilation.


Keep the racks, stove-top, drawers, and counters clean all the time. Also, remove crumbs and spills immediately to prevent attracting insects, especially roaches, mice, and ants.

Other simple preventive hacks you need to keep in mind:

  • Store all food items in airtight containers.
  • Remove cardboard, boards, and paper packages, which roaches love to munch on.
  • Fix leaky pipes.


Remove debris, empty containers and other junk, piles of leaves, and firewood from your yard because they provide shelter to common household insects. Also, pay close attention to items that may collect stagnant water where female mosquitoes can lay their eggs (FYI, a bottle cap is enough space for them to breed).

Also, rake mulches and soil away from your foundation and trim any branches that are touching the wall of your house because they can serve as a “bridge” for crawling pests.

Other things you need to do:

  • Fill in holes or pits in your lawn.
  • Avoid bushy growths.
  • If you have a water feature, clean it regularly.

Windows and Doors

Caulk the frames around your windows and exterior doors to make sure that no critters can find their way into your home. Opt for latex varieties if you need to paint them over.

Additional hacks to bug-proof your windows and doors:

  • Install door sweeper (also called door snake).
  • Replace damaged window screen.
  • Repair window panes and glasses.


In the ideal scenario, garbage should be disposed of every day. Additionally, make sure you use airtight bins placed a bit far away from your property line, as they may attract pests.


There is one foolproof way to prevent or at least make your garage less appealing to pests–remove all its clutter. Plus, less junk also makes it way easier to clean and organize your area.

Additional simple hacks to bug-proof your garage:

  • Eliminate any source of moisture and make sure that your garage is properly ventilated.
  • Check for any cracks and seal them with caulk.
  • Make sure that your garage door has a tight seal to prevent unwelcome critters from entering your home.
  • Remove food and perishable items.

Final Word on Preventive Pest Control Hacks

While these preventive measures can reduce the likelihood of pest infestation, they don’t offer a 100% guarantee. This is especially true if you live in a region/city (like Rocklin, Sacramento) where certain pests have become a serious problem, or you have neighbors who are negligent regarding environmental cleanliness and hygiene.

If you need same-day pest control service, contact Rocklin Pest Control or call us at (916) 884-6114. When you call earlier than 3 pm, we’ll make every effort to arrive at your doorstep to inspect, identify, and treat your pest infestation.

Aside from same-day pest control service, we also offer eco-friendly treatments in which we use plant-based insecticides and methods that don’t use poison and other toxic chemicals. Contact us today to learn more about this unique service that comes at a discounted price as part of our fall and winter specials.

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