Can Your Dog Help You Get Rid of Mice?

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Can Your Dog Help You Get Rid of Mice?

The most common belief that cats and mice are the longest standing arch-nemesis of this world. They say where there are cats; there are no mice. But adding a third player in the mix can be a good idea; are dogs as effective as cats?

Studies show that some dog breeds are great at chasing mice away. So great in fact, that in England, some breeders make a living out of breeding dogs that will chase mice in the farmlands.

But unlike cats, dogs only chase mice away. They do not eat mice. IN the case of cats, there is a predatory instinct working in the background of the chase.

However, scientists concluded have that with any household pet, a mice infestation is very unlikely to occur because pets like to explore and sniff around. Animals sniff around the usually small areas and can disturb any hidden pests.

So to give you an idea of which breeds are good mice sniffers and chasers, follow our list below:


Terriers are the most famous for their ability to sniff mice meters away from them. Because of this ability, they are bred, raised, and trained in farms to make sure that learn how to keep mice away.

Terriers are active and very high energy. Because of this energy, the dog’s curiosity is up to the roof and tends to bark a lot. While their enthusiasm is a plus point in hunting, it can be a problem when mixed with other pets who are not as high energy. who

Cairn Terriers were bred for rodent hunting; these dogs are considered lap dogs and have a gentle demeanor.


Now, if you have mice in your garden, you might want to consider the services of a Dachshund. These cute long dogs are great at hunting burrowers like badgers. This breed of dogs likes to dig which makes them an excellent companion for mouse hunting.

And since they are gentle, a lot of families consider them as pets because they are child-friendly.


If you are looking for a gorgeous Instagram buddy who can chase a mouse away, then get yourself a Papillon. With their long coat and vibrant fur, they can turn heads.

They can harrow mice from your property and are happy, energetic dogs too.

However, since they have a long coat, it can take some effort to maintain their fur.  A frequent visit to the groomer may be needed to maintain their fur, or periodic haircut may be required.

Dogs are some of the most reliable best friends when it comes to chasing away mice. But sometimes, an infestation is more than what our fur friends can handle.

When you have pets at home, consider the pesticides you’ll be using if you’re planning on going the DIY route.

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