Things Rodents Love About Your House

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Things Rodents Love About Your House

Rodents are cute little mammals that live in the forest but when they live with you at home and start eating boxes of cereals, destroying your clothes, and jumping on you while you sleep; then cute just turned scary. We know you’re probably starting to wonder why they love having staycations at your place. If you don’t know why these little monsters like to thrive in your house, here’s a list of reasons you might want to give a second thought:

1. Your house is warm.
Unlike other furry mammals, mice do not hibernate. That is why your attic, your garage, and your pantry is the best place to stay during the winter. Mice stay in places where there are enough sources of food and water. They also like dry warm areas. That is why sometimes you find them in your closet because your knit tops provide the right amount of heat they need to survive. Mice are great jumpers too. Sometimes, you might be surprised to see them on the top shelves of your pantry or closets, and that’s because they can catapult themselves to higher places with ease.

2. They need a breeding ground.
Sadly, some species of mice or rats need a warm dry place to breed. We all know that rats or mice breed pretty fast because of their sexual appetite. Sometimes we don’t notice that they have been living with us for the longest time because they tend to stay in the darkest, most secluded areas of the house. You don’t see them in your kitchen or your receiving area, but that doesn’t mean they are not there. Rodents can eat anything that is edible, but given the opportunity, they would still prefer cereals over pages of books and shirt sleeves.

Now you ask, how did they get in your house? Rodents have very elastic bodies. If their head fits, the entire body would fit. So if you think that hole is too small for anything to get through it, think again. Better yet, call us at Rocklin Pest Control. Our team of experts can determine whether the hole in the house just needs plugging or if it’s a gateway of rodents to get inside your house.

3. They think your house is a huge playing field.
Yes, you read that right. Rodents are social beings. They mate with others and like to have fun with fellow rodents. If you hear little footsteps running on your ceiling, then most likely, the tenants are playing. They also like to jump from one place to another. We did mention that they can jump on high places right? This also means they can jump down from high places. If you have a pond or a bathtub, do not be surprised if you find rodents swimming on it. Aside from being runners, they are also water lovers. So, if you’re the type who always keeps your tub filled with water, you might want to change that habit and drain all the time.

These are only few of the reasons why rodents would want to thrive at your place. The best way to keep them away is to make sure to do spring cleaning every once in a while or have pest control teams disturb areas very few months. If you need more muscle with your rodent infestation, just give us a call to help you shoo away those rodents and prevent them from coming back.

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