Telltale Signs That Termites Have Invaded Your House

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Telltale Signs That Termites Have Invaded Your House

Termites are silent workers that destroy your homes from the inside out. And since they are quiet, homeowners find out about the infestation, sometimes, a little too late for treatment. Sounds a bit alarming? Worry no more, as we are giving you some clues that might help you determine whether these pests have already made your home into their evening buffet.

    Termites need mud tunnels to make sure their path remains moist. These tunnels prevent them from being totally exposed to the outside environment while going back and forth to get their food. If you see mud crawling inside your house, there is a high possibility that pests have already burrowed a colony nearby. These tunnels are often found on walls and your house foundations.
    If you see saw dusts in particular areas of the house; chances are you have a termite infestation. When termites try to erode wood, some particles of the wood fall off from their mouth. These fine grains fall on floors or are carried into the wind. If you find sawdust in your kitchen and no carpenter has visited in the past few days, it is most likely that a termite found its way there..
    When termites have destroyed the wood on your walls, your paint will follow. Paint gets swollen because there are holes in this area where air may have found its way. When these signs appear, even if they are still small, it is best to have a pest control team to look at it. Rocklin’s team of termite exterminators can easily check whether the bloated paint is just a regular paint expansion brought by rising temperature or termite infestation.
    When termites have made your home foundation into their buffet and have eaten almost 46 percent of the wood, your foundation will give out a hollow sound when you knock on it. This only means that your house foundation has already been compromised and the integrity of your entire house might be at stake. Imagine the toughest foundation of your home sounding hollow, that is a huge accident waiting to happen. So before such unwanted incidents occur, be sure to call us at Rocklin to have your home tested for termite invasion.
    No, you are not haunted. Your walls are being eaten as dinner by the termites that live inside your house. Experts said that the clicking noise that homeowners hear can be either of the two things: soldiers bumping their heads on the wood to signal danger or soldiers eating away your wood as they are nasty eaters. So next time you hear these clicking noises, best to call us and direct us to the area where you hear the noise because it is highly possible that the lair of the termite is on that side of it. Soldiers are highly concentrated in the breeding area because it is their main job to protect the colony and who else makes the colony but the queens and kings which are in the mating area.

Do not compromise your beautiful home and give us a call. It is best to call the experts if you are not sure whether your home has been invaded by termites. Prevention is still better than cure.

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