Ways to Eliminate Mosquitoes in Your Commercial Property

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Ways to Eliminate Mosquitoes in Your Commercial Property

You need to remove mosquitoes in your commercial property because some species are known to spread diseases like dengue, malaria, Zika, and West Nile. 

As with most pest infestations, mosquitoes require comprehensive pest control management to eliminate not just the adults but also their eggs, larvae, and their breeding grounds, according to Rocklin Pest Control

Comprehensive Mosquito Control Management

This is a summary of a comprehensive mosquito control management in commercial properties: 

  1. Remove stagnant water
  2. Remove junk
  3. Check for leaks 
  4. Install oscillating fans
  5. Use “mosquito dunk” to treat the water you can’t drain
  6. Hire a professional pest control company that uses low-hazard chemicals to kill mosquitoes 

Remove stagnant water 

If you have standing water around your office building, remove or drain it because mosquitoes are attracted to water sources where they can lay their eggs. These insects are weak fliers, so there is likely a breeding ground nearby if you have them on your property. 

Remove Junks

Do you know that female mosquitoes would only need a bottle cap filled with water to lay their eggs? Hence, remove all unnecessary items in your property that can hold water and serve as their breeding grounds. 

Meanwhile, old tires attract female mosquitoes because they provide a warm and sheltered environment perfect for their eggs and larvae. So, throw them out or at least drill a hole in their bottom if you’re using them for a swing or an army obstacle course. 

And if your gutters are filled with debris, they may collect water and create the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes, making it important that you check them regularly. 

To further reduce their potential habitat, pull out weeds and mow your lawn frequently. 

Check for leaks 

Inspect your office and its yard for any leaks at least every 1-2 months. And if needed, tighten leaky pipes and replace corroding parts immediately to prevent any standing water known to attract mosquitoes. 

Install oscillating outdoor fans 

If your commercial properties have patios (like a restaurant that offers alfresco dining), you may want to install oscillating outdoor fans to deter mosquitoes, which are slow and weak fliers. In addition, they are a great way to keep people cool during summer. 

Use “mosquito dunk” to treat water you can’t drain 

It’s okay to have outdoor water features such as fountains and ponds provided they are properly chlorinated, have clean filters, and/or are running to deter mosquitoes from laying their eggs. 

But if there is standing water that you can’t drain, a good option is to use “mosquito dunks” that kill larvae. This popular natural pest control treatment in Sacramento releases a bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis that only kills mosquito larvae without harming fish, birds, and other animals.

Hire a professional pest control company 

While there are store-bought insect sprays and granules you can directly apply to your yard, your best bet is to hire a professional pest control company that knows how to use it correctly and safely. 

Some companies, such as Rocklin Pest Control, use natural insecticides derived from plants. Nonetheless, they still use them sparingly to minimize further the impact on the environment and beneficial/non-target insects like bees and ladybugs. 

Additionally, Rocklin Pest Control recommends picking a breezeless day to reduce drift and minimize the impact on the environment. 

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