The Importance of Pest Control Management in Business

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The Importance of Pest Control Management in Business

If you have a business in Rocklin, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Roseville, Auburn, or the surrounding areas, you need pest control management even if your product or service does not involve food. First and foremost, pest infestation causes expensive property damages and public health issues. 

Read on the top reasons why pest control management in business is essential whether or not you handle food and other perishable goods. 

Pest Infestation is a PR Disaster.

In the food-related industry, the fastest way to lose your customers is to ignore pest infestation. Keep in mind that just a single rodent or cockroach is enough to spell a PR disaster, which could force even the most established restaurants and bars to close their doors for good. 

And with the advent of Internet media, it is almost impossible to keep this kind of PR disaster under control. 

Some Pests Cause Significant Property Damage. 

Termites, winged carpenter ants, and rodents have been known to cause significant damage to properties. However, termites are notoriously known for being super destructive, with a recent study suggesting that they cause up to $5 billion worth of structural damage in the US every year. 

If your business stock up on cellulose-rich products like wood, paper, cardboard, and fabric, termites can wreak havoc on your inventory if you don’t take a proactive approach in pest control management.

A Pest Infestation Can Affect Your Eligibility for Property Loans.

Some business lending companies require that you pass their “wood infestation test,” which is a document prepared by a pest control contractor who inspects your property for termites, winged carpenter ants, and other wood-consuming insects. 

If the inspection determines the presence of these wood-consuming insects, it may prevent you from accessing property loans for your business. 

Fundamental Tips to Protect Your Business from Pest Infestation 

Trim back vegetation.

Some common pests seek shelter in overgrown landscaping and may eventually find entry into your property. Hence, it is recommended to trim back vegetation (make sure no branch or leaf is in contact with your building) and install a stone barrier between the lawn and the building foundation.

If infestations grow too large on a shrub or tree, most experts recommend cutting off the infected branches or even removing the entire plant to prevent the problem from spreading. 

Remove stagnant water.

Mosquitoes need stagnant water to breed, so the best way to eliminate them from your property is to remove any items and containers that may collect water. In addition, make sure that your hoses and sprinklers are not causing puddles in your yard. 

Repair leaky pipes.

Did you know that common pests such as cockroaches, centipedes, earwigs, carpenter ants, and certain spiders are naturally attracted to moist places? For this reason, ensure that you have no leaky pipes and drains on your property. 

Practice proper waste disposal.

The trash and recycling bins should be emptied regularly and placed a bit far away from your property. Additionally, they must have airtight lids to prevent attracting pests. 

Inspect your rooftop. 

The rooftop should be inspected regularly for stagnant water, dirty gutters, and missing shingles/damage where critters can enter your property. 

Practice superior sanitation. 

Make sure that there are no foods and crumbs that can attract foraging critters and that the floors and surfaces are always clean. 

To learn more about pest control management for business, visit Rocklin Pest Control or call us at (916) 884-6114 or click here if you want to leave us a message

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