Pest Control for Restaurants and Other Food Companies

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Pest Control for Restaurants and Other Food Companies

One of the most critical but often overlooked aspects of running a food business is pest control. Aside from a food safety standpoint, the presence of cockroaches, mice, and other kitchen pests can ruin your reputation and even prompt your state or local pest control regulators to shut down your business. 

Rocklin Pest Control, one of the leading pest control companies in Sacramento County, shares this list of the most basic pest management tips to prevent and treat an infestation in restaurants. 

ALWAYS Maintain Cleanliness

The dining area, kitchen, and cleaning station should be cleaned daily, and any food residue, no matter how small, should be removed. Also, no food should be left standing in the kitchen.

Store Food Properly

Always clean and check your food storage, making sure that anything past the expiration date is thrown away. In addition, ensure that all ingredients are stored properly (tightly sealed, wrapped correctly, etc.) to prevent cross-contamination and deter pantry pests such as beetles, weevils, and mites. 

Implement Proper Waste Disposal

All your trash bins should have a tight-fitting top and liners. Furthermore, they should be emptied every day to avoid attracting pests. 

Also, don’t forget to shut tight the dumpster, which should be located away from your building. 

Seal off Cracks and Holes in Masonry and Windows

Even with the strict implementation of pest control practices, some things remain out of your control. For instance, the neighboring establishments can impact your restaurant. 

To keep unwanted visitors, make sure that you conduct regular inspections and seal off cracks and holes. Take note that a dime-size ingress is enough for small rodents to make their way into your property. In addition, your doors should also have a door sweep, which is a small piece of rubber or plastic that keeps pests, drafts, and dust out of your property.

Train Everyone on the Team

Your staff should know all the food safety practices, including ways to prevent and stop pest infestation. They should also be trained to identify problem spots and “gaps,” such as delivery food trucks where pests may hitch a ride to gain access to your restaurant, the presence of holes and cracks, etc. 

Most essential pest control hacks your staff should perform: 

  • Remove finished plates and food residue from the kitchen and dining area
  • Keep the kitchen, dining area (indoor and outdoor), food storage station, and restrooms squeaky clean every day
  • Empty trash bin every day 
  • Use airtight trash cans and bins
  • Report signs of pests (droppings, gnawed packaging and cardboards, etc.)

Hire a Professional Pest Control Service

Even a single sighting of a rodent can spell disaster to your business’s reputation. In this scenario, you may want to hire a professional pest control provider familiar with restaurants and food-related industries. In general, commercial pest control treatments are “trickier” than methods used in homes. 

If there is an infestation that requires the use of pesticides, pest control experts follow strict rules and regulations to prevent accidental ingestion of toxic chemicals and cross-contamination. 

To learn more about pest control treatments for restaurants and other food-related businesses, contact Rocklin Pest Control at (916) 884-6114. They are the best exterminators in Placer County and Sacramento County, CA, focusing on commercial and industrial services. 

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