Got Mosquitoes?

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Got Mosquitoes?

Planning some quality time outdoors?

Imagine planning a major event when something as simple as walking outside to pick up a package can be challenging when you encounter Mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes really do not bite nor sting but rather Mosquitos SUCK, after they pierce you. With a sophisticated system of six thin, needle like mouthparts that scientist call stylets, each of which pierces the skin, find blood vessels, thins the blood and makes it easy for Mosquitoes to suck your blood. Check out this information and video from, Mosquitoes Use 6 Needles To Suck Your Blood

When a Mosquito pierces you they inject you with their proboscis which then moves around and probes until it finds a blood vessel. The proboscis contains two tubes unlike just the one in a hypodermic syringe, she uses one of these tubes to inject saliva that contains a mix of chemicals to reduce pain, thin your blood and prevent it from clotting. The other is used to suck up your blood. Mosquitoes can pass on viruses; The mosquito’s saliva can carry viruses that it received from hosts that it had attacked previously. It is the viruses that pass on the disease associated with mosquitoes. Check out what Mr. Mister Mosquito Control  out of Atlanta has to say, here ) So basically Mosquitoes literally SUCK, they can ruin your daily life, major events and spread disease. 

So, if you answered “YES” to my opening question of “Got MosquitoesRocklin Pest Control Services can help! We are the professionals that improve your environment by controlling the pest that may infest your home, business, investment property or community. We offer two Professional Pest Control Service Programs using completely ECO-FRIENDLY materials to control the Mosquito populations around your property to improve your environment and quality of life. 

MOSQUITO CONTROL PROGRAM: For the control of MosquitoesRocklin Pest Control Services Pest Management Professionals will set up and place eco-friendly In2Care Devices on your property. (Check out this wicked cool video from our friends at In2Care) The female Mosquito (the male mosquito does not “bite, sting, or pierce) enters the In2Care device dips down into the eco-friendly material and lays her eggs. 100% of the Mosquito born into the device will begin and end their life cycle in the In2Care Device. After the Mosquito leaves the In2Card Device she carries the material on her body. However, before her eventual death she leaves the device and spreads the material that is now attached to her body into every pool of water she lands in. Such as your rain gutters a puddle of water in the soil beneath your grass or the spare tire in your neighbor’s yard. 

PREMIUM SERVICE PROGRAM: offers everything our MOSQUITO CONTROL PROGAM offers. PLUSRocklin Pest Control Services Pest Management Professionals will perform a completely ECO-FRIENDLY treatment on the exterior of the covered structures for the control of Mosquitoes. Treating the lawns, bushes, plants, Trees, etc. as applicable up to 12’ high or 24’ from the covered structure. “BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!” Rocklin Pest Controls ServicesPREMIUM SERVICE PROGRAM also includes additional coverage and applicable treatments for the control of AntsCockroachesEarwigsFleasPantry PestsSilverfishSpidersWasp NestRatsMiceBed BugsCarpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees.

If you need help with pests contact us at or (916) 884-6114.

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