Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Hiring a Pest Control Company

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Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Hiring a Pest Control Company

Pest infestations like termites can leave permanent damage to your home and, in some extreme cases, even cause structural damage. In this situation, the best course of action is to hire a licensed pest control company rather than DIY yourself out of the problem.

But keep in mind that pest control companies are not created equal. To help you make the right decision, we have listed the most common pitfalls you need to avoid when looking for a pest controller.

Choosing a Cheap Pest Control Company Without Considering Other Factors

There is nothing wrong with being price-conscious, but it shouldn’t be the sole factor when choosing a pest control company. Keep in mind that some companies that are not good at making their current customers happy may resort to price wars to attract new clients just to keep their business afloat amidst the tough competition.

Thinking That Pest Control Companies Are All the Same

Pick a local pest controller with years of experience and a loyal customer base, which is a clear sign that its high-quality service encourages people to continue doing business with them.

In the pest control industry, it is quite common for companies to crop up, offer low-cost and “sketchy” services, then disappear after a few months of operation.

Not Paying Attention to Insurance and Licenses

A good rule of thumb is to choose a pest control company that is insured and bonded, which proves that they operate a reputable business.

Not Asking About the Treatments’ Impact on the Environment

A great pest control company will not just eliminate the infestation but also ensure that it uses treatments with no or very little impact on the environment. For example, Rocklin Pest Control in Sacramento will make every effort to use chemicals that don’t harm beneficial insects like bees and other pollinators.

RPC is one of the most popular pest control companies in Sacramento because it uses environment-friendly and low-hazard chemicals.

Choosing a Company Without Considering Their “Specialties”

If you have termite problems, the right pest control company for you should have extensive experience handling this kind of infestation. Remember, each pest responds differently to treatments, baits, and chemicals.

Excluding Companies That Require/Recommend Multiple Treatments

In an attempt to save money, some people immediately rule out pest control companies that recommend multiple treatments. But what they don’t realize is that most pest infestations don’t go away with just one treatment; this is particularly true for termites, rats, mice, bed bugs, and fleas.

Failing to Get a Quote

Before hiring a pest control company, get a quote ahead of time. Some companies like Rocklin Pest Control even have service packages based on their clients’ budget and needs.

Failing to Conduct an Online Background Check

With the advent of the Internet, it’s now easier to conduct an online background check. When choosing a service provider, go through their social media, website, and other online platforms. Also, don’t forget Yelp and other reputable customer review sites.

(Note: Even the best pest control companies have bad reviews, so make sure to read the reasons behind them. For instance, one customer gave a service provider poor ratings for failing to show up on his doorstep during a Category-4 hurricane.)

Not Asking for Recommendations

Go ask your friends, colleagues, and relatives if they can recommend a reputable pest control company. Also, ask them about their experience, so you’ll know what to expect should you hire their recommended service provider.

If you have pest infestations in your home or commercial establishment, contact Rocklin Pest Control at (916) 884-6114. Since 2005, they have been serving RocklinRosevilleLincolnGranite BayAuburn, and the surrounding communities.

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