How to get Rid of Aphids

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How to get Rid of Aphids

Imagine having a perfect day – a beautiful backyard garden, a cup of coffee, and a warm sunny day. Suddenly, you feel something crawling on your leg. Do you ever wonder what that tiny something is? You probably see them frequently but never really know what they are called. They are called aphids.   

What are Aphids?  

Aphids are commonly known as greenfly and blackfly. While names as such, these creatures may come in other colors as well. Aphids are soft-bodied insects that feed on plant sap. Their diet includes a wide range of plant types so they may affect most of your garden plants. Sometimes plants may survive an aphid infestation, however, there are times when their growth will be entirely restricted. 

What are the ways to get rid of Aphids?   

If you ever dream of having a perfectly beautiful and luscious garden, you must do your best to get rid of these bugs! Now, there are many ways to save your garden from these tiny yet destructive creatures.

Here’s how:  

Cover your plants

If you want to eliminate aphids in your garden, you need to grow plants under row covers. Only remove them from the covers when flowering begins. You can wash the leaves and the stems using a relatively stronger water pressure to knock them off the plant. Using covers will lessen the likelihood of aphids jumping from one plant to another. 

Remove their food source

If they don’t find food, they won’t go back to your yard. Ensuring that there are minimal sap and honeydew in your garden will prevent the return of these pesky pests. Make sure to spray the plants with water daily to avoid the accumulation of attractive honeydew. 

Use homemade pest control spray

An easy way to get rid of aphids is by using a mixture of dish soap and water. You need to dilute about one tablespoon of soap into a pint of water and transfer it into a spray bottle. You have to be careful though to not spray them all over the garden, as it might also kill insects that are good for your plants. You need to spray the mixture directly on the leaves. You can also try other natural deterrents such as a mixture of vinegar, castile soap, and water. The vinegar will keep your garden aphid free! 

Call a professional

If these tricks do not work, or you simply cannot find the time to wash your plants regularly, then calling a professional is the best option for you. When left untreated, aphids can ruin your beautiful garden and hamper the growth of plants. Of course, you have to add to that the irritating feeling of seeing a bug in your leg randomly.  

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