Do Mosquitoes Prefer a Certain Blood Type?

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Do Mosquitoes Prefer a Certain Blood Type?

Mosquitoes are one of the insects that can be a carrier of various life-threatening diseases. In some countries, they carry the Dengue virus and the Malaria virus. While significantly lower in the number of cases, the United States has also witnessed deaths from another rarer mosquito-borne virus. On average, the U.S has three deaths every year. Comparing to other countries, it may look insignificant – but this is still unacceptable.  

Mosquitoes are pests that can be eliminated. There are a lot of insect-repelling products that can protect you. So, every mosquito-related death more than the number 0 must be considered too many. To combat the illnesses brought about by mosquitoes, you need to know if you are at a higher risk than others. This begs the question: Do Mosquitoes Prefer a Certain Blood Type? 

The answer to that is no.

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Mosquitoes are reported to love type O, but the studies are conflicting. 

It is not a shock that these pesky insects were once reported to love the universal blood type medical drugs. It means that they will have more sources of blood since O-type is the most common of all. However, the study that showed blood type O was the most preferred by mosquitoes was later on questioned by other scientists. The reason was lacking statistics. As of date, there is no definitive research about the preferred blood type of mosquitoes. 

Nevertheless, it does not hurt to be extra careful. Just because the studies are conflicting does not mean type O can relax. There are more reasons for everyone to take care of themselves because mosquitoes can affect everyone. Whatever blood type you have, you need to make sure you are protected at all times. 

Blood type is not the factor that draws mosquitoes. 

A study conducted by Harry Savage showed that the most significant factors which draw mosquitoes are carbon dioxide and heat. National Institutes of Health of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services issued a newsletter sharing a similar finding. Mosquitoes have carbon dioxide and heat sensors that allow them to fly and detect humans. What this means in persons with higher body temperature may be detected by mosquitoes faster. Also, researchers said that larger bodies are likely to produce more carbon dioxide, which means that bigger people might attract mosquitoes at a higher rate. 

The best thing you can do is to protect yourself. 

Since there is no definitive study about mosquitoes and their preference of victims, everyone should be on high alert. You need to make sure that the places you frequent, such as your home and office, are not mosquito-infested. Clean the areas thoroughly. Eliminate all possible shelter and breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Seek professional help from trusted pest control services like Rocklin Pest Control to eliminate these insects. 

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Do Mosquitoes Favor Specific Blood Types? A Final Word.

While mosquitoes are generally not deadly in the United States, no one must be put to that kind of risk. These insects can affect you in so many ways more than just one itchy bite. Call Rocklin Pest Control to guarantee you and your family’s health and safety. Have a mosquito-free home by simply dialing (916) 943-7720

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