Summer Pest Control Tips

Summer is here, which means random beach trips, family picnics in the park, or weekend brunches. Summer is synonymous to carefree, warm, and fun days. However, the hot climate also brings about some things that are not exactly invited – pests.  As summer comes in full swing, you will see the sudden increase in the number of unwanted pests around. 

Pests, such as spiders and mosquitoes, usually hibernate during the winter and come out in the summer. The warm temperature signals that it is the time for them to look for a mate and reproduce. The presence of these pests can be extremely annoying, but more than that, it can also pose a threat to your health. For instance, mosquitoes can carry viruses that cause deadly diseases like dengue fever and malaria. There are also some spiders which are venomous.  

But – do not fret! Below are our top tips on how you can control summer pests and how you can prevent their presence from getting out of hand! 

  1. Keep your house squeaky clean!

 It is a given that a dirty house attracts pests. A kitchen that is full of crumbs and whatnots is a haven for these pests. Make sure that you clean after yourself whenever you prepare and cook something. Or else, trails of food will surely call the attention of rats, ants, flies, and more. 

  1. Do not leave standing water.

Standing water is a breeding ground for some pests. It is where they lay and keep their eggs until they are ready to hatch. Get rid of old tires and other furniture that store water. If you see standing water, empty it immediately. Check your AC units, garage, and roof for stuck rainwater as well.  

  1. Fill in the gaps.

 The best way of controlling pests is never having them in the first place. Keep your house pest free by preventing them from entering your house. Find holes through which they may enter. Fill them up. Repair crevices and cracks on your walls. Make sure your windows are closing properly. 

  1. Avoid keeping spoiled food in your garbage bins for too long.

Flies, ants, and maggots have the ability to sense when there is spoiled food around. Get rid of it as soon as possible. Do not let it sit on your garbage for more than a day or two. If you do not have a choice, make sure that it is placed inside a sealed container. 

  1. Have a trusted pest control service on your speed dial.

A trusted pest control service you can contact anytime offers you peace of mind. While you can attempt some home remedies such as those above, experts are called as such for a reason. Experts make sure there is no corner in your house that is exposed to these annoying pests. If you are experiencing any trouble in maintaining your home free from pests, call a professional right away.  

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