How Do I Keep My Business Safe From Cockroaches?

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How Do I Keep My Business Safe From Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are one of the most resilient and adaptable pests, making them one of the toughest to eradicate as well. What should you do to make sure that your business is safe from these dirty crawlers?

A lot of people hate cockroaches. They are dirty and weirdly aggressive, having no problems flying across a room full of people who can only get out of the way and scream at the gross sight. Cockroaches can also spread diseases and ruin furniture. There are just too many negatives to justify their existence, and yet these creepy crawlers were somehow blessed with enough durability and resilience to allegedly withstand nuclear blasts. It’s also not uncommon to see a cockroach survive even after losing its head.

While these feats are scarily impressive, cockroaches aren’t invincible. As long as you follow some easy steps, you can keep your home or business safe from possible infestations.

1. Eliminate Their Possible Sources of Food.

Cockroaches, like other pests, tend to make a home in places where they can find food. While they might be forced to hide anywhere for protection during the winter season, the rest of the time their main drive for choosing where to stay is a stable food source.

Leaving leftover food in the kitchen or on the dining table long after you’re done eating is almost the same as sending an exclusive invitation for cockroaches to visit you. If you can start to avoid such situations by cleaning up immediately after a meal, you can significantly lessen the chances of a cockroach infestation.

Maintaining a clean office is a group effort. All employees need to adapt to a clean-as-you-go policy to avoid leaving garbage and leftover food. If there’s no refrigerator to shelter food, employees should use plastic containers since cockroaches can chew through paper bags and boxes without much effort.

As long as the entire office works together to deprive cockroaches of potential food sources, your business should be a lot less attractive for them to inhabit.

2. Seal off Cracks, Gaps, and Other Possible Modes of Entry for Pests.

Another trait of cockroaches is that they can magically squeeze through the narrowest of spaces. If there are little cracks or gaps in your workplace, cockroaches will fit into them no matter how tiny the openings are.

To prevent these pests from entering your business, make sure that all cracks and gaps are properly sealed. These openings are usually found near the corners of a room and in unfinished parts of the building. Some comfort rooms can also have open cracks due to damaged tiles. Floors and walls can have natural gaps due to small construction errors.

Watch out for any part of your business that connects to the outside, as cockroaches can also use pipes and utility lines as routes to get inside your shop. Cut off these points of access as well by sealing the holes that they go into.

3. Regularly Clean Your Surroundings and Organize Each Area.

When it all comes down to it, you can keep cockroaches away simply by consistently cleaning up your workplace. Since you already know they are attracted to food, prioritize cleaning the kitchen and the pantry areas to clean up crumbs and spills left behind during lunchtime.

Look for old boxes, stacks of paper, and other clutter that might be staying in the workplace under the excuse of “old files.” Cockroaches often use these as temporary shelters before they multiply and start to infiltrate deeper into the building’s walls. By getting rid of these things, you are removing possible homes for cockroaches while also making more space for new things your business might need.

Cockroach eggs are also a sure sign that there is an infestation trying to take place in your place. These eggs can be found stuck in furniture or appliances, usually where it’s moist and dark. Eliminate eggs as you see them to prevent cockroaches from increasing in number. If you smell a strong musty odor coming from inside the walls, there’s a pretty good chance the infestation is already in progress and you might need assistance clearing up the pests.

A Final Word

For professional services regarding cockroaches and other pests’ extermination, you can always contact Rocklin Pest Control.¬†Rocklin Pest Control¬†offers premium pest removal services at an affordable price, so you better get on the phone now and remove those cockroaches from your business before they pose a larger problem.

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