What Type of Pests you Should be Expecting this Fall

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What Type of Pests you Should be Expecting this Fall

Every change of season signifies the end of something and the start of something else. From winter to spring, summer to fall, there are always changes that come with these.

Fall means the warm summer months are starting to come to an end. From luscious green, the leaves turn into bright red, orange, and yellow. The cool breeze bids the warm weather goodbye. Aside from these very obvious changes, change in season often brings changes in the environment as well. Some animals and insects thrive in this cold weather.

One of the unwelcomed changes of the fall season is the presence of pests. The common misconception that summer is the pest season is not necessarily true. A lot of pests seek shelter and food indoors in the fall.

Here are some of the pests you can expect in the Fall:


While some types of ants are not dangerous and destructive, certain types can cause real damage. Odorous house ants can be the reason for food contamination. Another type of ant that you should get rid of at all costs is the carpenter ant. This kind of ant can compromise the structure of your home. They excavate wood to make tunnels that serve as pathways and nesting ground for their colony. To avoid an ant infestation, make sure that they don’t have sources of food in your home. For instance, carpenter ants love protein. Food supplies such as meat and pet food should be kept in storage out of their reach. Odorous house ants, on the other hand, feed on sugary food. They are attracted to food such as honeydew and syrup. Ensure that no sweet treats are lying around the house, as these will attract them.

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The cockroach is the type of pest that just seems to be around all year round. Whatever the season, you can expect them to be roaming about. These little brown creatures are undoubtedly one of the most common yet one of the most dangerous pests as well. They thrive in dirty environments. They can spread different kinds of bacteria. Aside from that, they can trigger asthma attacks, especially in children. To keep your home cockroach free, clean your space thoroughly on a regular basis. They tend to creep in through small cracks and holes in the house, so make sure that these openings are covered immediately. Do not let your home become a breeding ground for cockroaches because these little fellas multiply like crazy!

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Mice and rats are common fall season pests. They need to stay in warm areas to survive. For that reason, they eventually end up inside your home! While the movie Ratatouille will make you think of these creatures as cute and cuddly, do not be deceived. This pest can bring the house down! They can chew on electrical wires, causing a fire. They can contaminate food and spread diseases. Aside from these, rats and mice can also cause other pest infestations such as ticks and fleas.

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