Beetles are one of the most common insects there is. Despite their abundance in the gardens, people have a hard time identifying what they really are. Beetles, known scientifically as Coleoptera, are the largest order of insects. There are about 400,000 species of beetles around the world, which accounts for about 40% of all insect species.  


Beetles are distinguishable by their hardened and thickened pair of wings. Not many insects have this characteristic. This pair of wings cannot be used to fly and serves only as a protection for the flying wings folded underneath. Their flying wings are very thin and fragile. 

Different species of beetles also vary in colors and sizes. They cannot see very well, so they use other means of communication such as vibrations and sounds. 



Beetles are found almost in every type of environment since they are very resilient and highly adaptable. As long as they can find a source of food, they will be able to live in the area. Some species are omnivores, feeding on both plants and animals, but a lot of them consume plant as their primary food source.  

Depending on the species, beetles can live for weeks up to years. They start their life cycle as egg, then turn into instar, then into a pupa, and lastly, into an adult beetle.  


Hiding spots 

As mentioned above, almost any type of environment can serve as habitat for beetles. However, locating their source may pinpoint their hiding spots in your home. Most beetles feed on plant and nectar. Fruits, flowers, and plants in your home can attract these insects. They are known to stick to their food source. For instance, grain beetles may pester homes with a lot of tobacco, flour, and grain supplies.  

Why get rid of beetles? 

Not all beetles are considered harmful. While some of them may be considered as pests, other species of beetles help in the pollination of flowers and decomposition of rotten living organisms.  

Nevertheless, certain species of beetles can cause real damage to health and property. One example is wood-boring beetles found in homes. This species can destroy wooden furniture and affect the structural integrity of houses made of wood. There are also types of beetles that live in rugs, clothing, leather, and cushions, such as carpet beetles. This type can cause rashes and red, itchy marks to humans – especially to young children. Beetle infestation can also result in damages to your garden and crops.   


The best course of action is always to call a professional to exterminate these pests. Beetles commonly found in homes are not exactly notorious when it comes to risks to health. But the infestation occurs, it can be a cause of headache for many homeowners.  

If you encounter beetle infestation, do not hesitate to call Rocklin Pest Control immediately. Never let the infestation go unnoticed and unmanaged. The safety of your family should always be a top priority. Call us at (916) 943-7720 to schedule an inspection.