Bed Bugs

These little insects are also known as redcoats, chinches, or mahogany flats. Bedbugs also go by the scientific names  Cimex lectularius or Cimex hemipterus.   

There are two common types of bedbugs – the common bed bug and the tropical bed bug. Both of them are similar in appearance but have slightly different shapes. 


Bed bugs are oval, flattened insects that have reduced leathery wings. They are brown, but they turn into a reddish hue after eating. Their bodies swell after eating because the blood intake gives off a brighter red color. They are very small in size, ranging from 6 to 9.50 mm in length. Adult bedbugs can grow as big as an apple seed sometimes.  


Crawling is the primary way for bedbugs to move from one place to another. They can move over floors, walls, and ceilings as well. They feed off human or animal blood. So, no matter how clean your house is, this is not a clear indication that bedbugs cannot storm the place.  

It is very easy for bedbugs to multiply. Female bedbugs can lay hundreds of eggs in their lifetime. Within one month, these eggs can grow into adult-size bed bugs.   

Bedbugs are also very active at night. That is why sometimes, you wake up in a hotel room the following morning with red itchy spots all over your body. People sometimes mistakenly identify the red spots as mosquito bites. This could be quite annoying. Unless, homeowners, actually spend the time to check if there are bedbugs in their homes, they simply identify them as mosquito bites. 

Hiding spots 

Their flat bodies make it easy to enter through small door and window openings. They live in groups. They love to stay in darker, hidden spaces – those spaces are not bothered by too rigorous activities. For that reason, they are usually found in sofas, headboards, bed frames, and cushions.  

The season they appear most  

Bedbugs are present all year round. However, during the months of April to November, these insects seem to multiply at a faster rate. It is during this season that they want to breed and feed more frequently. 

How to Kill and Get Rid of Bedbugs? 

While bedbugs are not necessarily harmful, they can be pretty annoying. It is true; bedbugs do not transmit viruses and bacteria. Nevertheless, waking up to dozens and dozens of itchy red spots is not exactly the best feeling. Bedbug bites are itchy. Sometimes people cannot stop themselves from scratching resulting in swelling and wounding of the outer layer of the skin. 

It is important to get rid of bed bugs once and for all. No matter how small they are or how small their bite might be, the truth is, no one wants to experience getting bitten by them. When bedbug infestation grows, they also secrete an oily substance with a foul smell.  

The best thing to do is to get rid of them right away. Rocklin Pest Control can do the job for you. For many years, we have helped numerous families solve this problem. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call Rocklin Pest Control today!