Getting Rid of Rats During Winter

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Getting Rid of Rats During Winter

A close up photo of a rat.

Winter is a tough season for everybody, even for little rodents in the neighborhood. That is why they crave a warm environment where there is food and water. Unfortunately, this environment is somewhat similar to your attic, your furnace, your garage, your kitchen, and even your bedroom. So, this winter, we want to help you keep the little mighty rodents out of your homes, and here are some of the steps:


Be sure to inspect the surroundings of your homes every so often making sure that there are no cracks or holes that can serve as an entry and exit point for the tiny invaders. Sometimes, we think that a hole is “too small” for a rat or a mouse to fit in, but little do we know that mice have a collapsible body and can modify their shape depending on the size of the opening.


Mice love to stay in places that have not been touched for months and will most likely stay that way in a few more. Decluttering is a good way to make sure that the little fur invaders will not find it comfortable in your place. Be sure to disturb the corners, edges, and tops of your cupboards, cabinets, and tables. These places provide the most warmth when left untouched and airing these areas out means it’s out of the list for the rodents.


If you have a fireplace and love to keep a stock of firewood in your basement, be sure to elevate the storage area of your dried wood. Rodents like to feast on this firewood because it does not only provide shelter; it can also mean food for the rest of the season. If you can, better remove the firewood from your homes and store it outside in a dry place. If this is not possible, be sure that your storage area is at least 18 inches above the ground. This way, it would be impossible for the rats to turn it into a home.


Your unkempt bushes can be the secret entry and exit points of these rodents after making a small hole in your wall. Bushes also provide warmth to rats if it is not maintained properly. The fresh leaves serve as the food while the remaining leaves will work out as the roof. This is still a good combination for their new found home during the winter.


Installing a wire mesh can help shoo away the rodents. Wire mesh takes time to break unlike wood. While it will not 100 percent keep them away, it has a higher chance of keeping them at bay. This will give you enough time to figure them out during one of your walk around the house.  In Roseville, California there are several reports of rodent infestation that have had to be taken care of by professionals because of the magnitude of work that needed to be done.


Rodents have a very powerful sense of smell. They can smell food miles away from them. That is why, it is the best time to invest in food clips, food containers, and good cleaning chemicals. Be sure to remove all left over from the table. Keep in mind to clip away unfinished chips and store them up the cupboards. Make sure to clean the pantry from debris like sugar granules, powdered milk, or drops of sweetened treats. These food items are the favorite among rodents because a small amount can sustain them for days. These are just some of the things rodents love about your home.

It is tougher to keep the pests away during the winter because it is uncomfortable to move with the thick layers of clothing that we wear. That is why, pest control is important all year round. We, at Rocklin Pest Control, can help you prepare to avoid the most common pest invasion during a particular season. Rodents are difficult to remove because they are very smart pests. Some of them can identify poison or can maneuver through traps. These traits also make them the most dangerous because they know how to survive extermination and where to hide during one.

Our team of experts and highly trained staff can complete an extermination job with the littlest possible trouble for the home owners. We are equipped with technology that ensures the health safety of your kids, and fur babies at home. The best news is that, we are currently holding our Winter Promo Special to be able to make your life easier. This makes Rocklin Pest Control your reliable pest control company in Rocklin, California. Give us a call today.

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