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Rodents are always in search of food sources, and in many cases, they make their way into a home in order to munch on crumbs, trash, or items in a pantry. If this happens to you, Rocklin Pest Control Services will handle the problem. Whether you are plagued with the common house mouse, a brown rat, or a roof rat, we will get your rodent problem under control quickly.
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Don't Let Rodents Destroy Your Home

Rodents may appear small, but they can do big damage. Whether they are chewing on the insulation that surrounds your electrical wires, burrowing holes in your upholstery, or turning your books into nesting materials, these pests leave a mess in their wake. Additionally, rodents are known for transmitting diseases by contaminating the food in your home. Just a few rodent-borne illnesses include hemorrhagic fever, salmonella, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis.

Rocklin Pest Control Services Eliminates Rodents

Your home will be much safer without disease carrying pests running rampant. At Rocklin Pest Control Services, we know exactly how to eliminate rodents so you can once again enjoy and feel safe in your living space . We'll provide you with a detailed plan on how they will be removed and how the environment can be improved to keep them from returning in the future. For example, sealing up any outside entry points, keeping lids on trashcans, and immediately removing crumbs from counters and floors are important for maintaining a pest-free environment.

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